Thursday, July 31, 2008

Two Toronto publishers

Bywater Bros Editons began eight years ago with the publication of this multiple by David Shrigley. Titled Swan, it's a signed, unlimited edition, selling for $250. A similar cast-resin piece by Euan Macdonald followed the year later and subsequent editions include Annette Kelm, Jonathan Monk, Tim Lee, Johannes Wohnseifer and Richard Prince. Bywater has also published books by Kelm, Monk, Shrigley, Wohnseifer and Prince, as well as a co-production (with the Power Plant) of Pure Consciousness by On Kawara. Yesterday they launched a brand new website, which illustrates all of the editions, many of which are still available for purchase.

Paul and Wendy Projects began last year and have already published three excellent prints, with another three projects on the way. The site features available silkscreens by The Royal Art Lodge, Michael Dumontier and, most-recently, Neil Farber. Forthcoming editions include Tucker Nichols, Jason McLean and Micah Lexier. The first three are all priced at $250, with the RAL print (pictured below) almost sold-out.

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