Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 19

I find myself surprisingly interested in the legalities surrounding Whiskey production. If it is matured for less than three years, it cannot be sold as Scotch. The same applies if it is less than 40% alcohol. If a batch of 60 year whiskey is topped up a little with 5 year old whiskey, the law states it must be labeled as 5 year old. If it is made anywhere other than Scotland, it is not Scotch. This may be self-evident to others, but was all news me. I am becoming more and more convinced that I should scrap the sound project and just make some damn whiskey.

I'm in Calgary but can't concentrate on the exhibition as I am anxious to get back to Scotland. Everyone at the centre is fantastic though (Renato, Erin, Jason, Suzanne) and it's good to see my family while I'm out here.

The teddy bear nanny-cam I ordered and had shipped directly has arrived, though it is different than described online. My ability to filter the audio via the RCA cables is disrupted by the fact that a built-in speaker exists. WIthout the ability to limit or gate the sound, the feedback will continue until the cam and monitor are blown. So my remake of Nam June Paik's TV Buddha for teddy bear will have to be silent (which is in keeping with the rest of the exhibition, I suppose).

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