Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day Three (Blair Witch Rabbits)

I've already destroyed two voltage convertors (sparks flew, there were clouds of smoke) and my laptop battery is quickly wearing down. Additionally, my ability to collect email is hindered by my service provider, so I'm feeling a little isolated. The absence, though, of other distractions (billboards, advertising of any kind, really) does wonders for my ability to decompress. I felt the same way in Banff, when it took a week to stop thinking about other artist's work (as an administrator, curator, writer) and concentrate on my own.

Rabbits frolic in my backyard and I've seen more wildlife (cows, sheep, horses, deer) in the last three days than the previous three months. I scatter a few carrots on the back porch in the hopes of encouraging the rabbits to come close enough that I can send photos back for my mother. They are each chewed in two and quickly arranged in a strange formation a few feet away.

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