Friday, July 4, 2008

Day Seven

Afrikan Boy is a nineteen year old grime MC from Nigeria, best known for touring with and contributing to tracks by M.I.A. His song Lidl, which was in heavy rotation on my ipod last year, was based around the following lines:

"One day I went to Lidl.
I went to shoplift in Lidl
Then I got caught in Lidl
Now I don't go back to Lidl"

It continues with an identical verse about ASDA. I assumed both were British towns, but after a trip with Andy and Jin (an artist in residency from Shanghai) I learn that they are grocery/department stores. We go to both, and also Tesco, in order to stock up on supplies.

My cultural awakening continues when I learn that the Car Phone Warehouse, the anachronistic store where a character in Extras works, actually exists. I assumed it was a joke like 30 Rock's The Beeper King.

Jin refers to the clouds as having gone away, when the sky is completely overcast. Its a minor translation error, but feels like the glass half empty/half full scenario applied to the sky.

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