Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 24

Opening yesterday was well attended and I think the talk added some nice context. I wrote a short didactic panel (which I'm usually loathe to do) in the hopes of compensating for some of the more obscure connections. Ducked into the Glenbow briefly to see work by Luis Jacob (who I only bumped into briefly on the street one day, he took off before the opening to get back to Toronto for Will Munro's Vazeleen), Peaches and Wim Delvoye. Neither Wim nor his great assistant Gianni were in town, but the smaller version of Cloaca was pretty great. It shits on 2:45 every day, I'm told.

Today I went with Scott and some of his friends to the Sled Festival that we all discovered we had comp tickets to. The organizers made a bold decision to close with an instrumental act (Mogwai, from Glasgow, who were great) and also on the bill were Of Montreal (different than I would expect given the songs I have by them), Wire (pretty good given they've been around for more than 30 years) and Jonathan Richman. He was the highlight for me. Also presumably in his fifties, he was funny and charming and his act (contrary to my fears) actually translated well to a large outdoor festival.

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