Monday, July 21, 2008

A few fast Bookmarks

Carl Wilson notes two Matmos related events, including a reading from Drew Daniel's new 33 1/3 Book on Throbbing Gristle, which starts in Toronto in a few hours, at This Aint The Rosedale Library, which is now in Kensington Market (?? things move quickly when you're away).

Artfag takes down Thrush Holmes and Terence Koh's Sobey nomination. They also print a retraction after learning that Koh was raised in Ontario (Mississauga, I think). However their main criticism still stands - that Koh's career wasn't made in Ontario. It was made, like a disproportionate number of international art careers, in New York City. So with little (any?) exhibition history in the province, is he ill-suited to represent Ontario for the Sobey Award?

Mercer Union Hall is now a staff/board blog. I like the Kirk Cameron videos recently posted. He's such a diligent Christian crusader now.

Psychology Today has a story about monkeys, marshmallows and money. What's a blog without Monkey news?

I think Cory Doctorow on Boing Boing has finally stopped plugging his new teen fiction book. The steampunk posts continue, however.

D.A.P. updates its catalogue for the first time since last September. Still no word on that once-reported Martin Creed book.

Last year Pitchfork essentially kick started the career of the Black Kids by reviewing the band's Myspace only songs in the coveted Best New Music section. They were then touted as the next big thing and within days had a record contract and signed with Arcade Fire's management. The much awaited follow-up was released last week (I haven't yet heard it) and today is given a single line review with a rating of zero-point-zero. Expect music bloggers everywhere to weigh in with their response in a matter of hours.

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