Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dada Questionnaire

1. Does pachelbel ever vary his bass and his harmonic pattern in canon in D major?

2. Bohemian rhapsody vinyl original 1975 - how much is it worth?

3. What Alan Jackson song was played simultaneously in america in april 1996 in respect for his dad?

4. The similarities of davidians and polygamy?

5. How many people were at the last supper? jesus

The preceding questions were all entries into Google that led people to my website, for some reason or other. I love that searches are still phrased as questions, as though someone reads them on the other end and proper grammar is important. I can recognize where one of the above comes from (an essay I wrote about Candice Bretiz refers to the Queen song someone is trying to price) but the others are a mystery to me.

The most common phrase that brings people to my website is "Nude Workplace". On my CV there is a listing for a performance I did with Jordan Sonenberg years ago called Gloria Poses in the Nude (the title of an episode of All in the Family). The event took place at Workplace and therefore the two words come together on the CV as "Nude. Workplace". There was once a time when I was the top response when the phrase was entered into a search engine, but I'm now bumped down to fifth.

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