Friday, July 25, 2008

Short Itunes Rant

Why would anyone pay the same price to download a movie from Itunes, as to buy it from the store? Now that net providers are charging by bandwidth, it actually costs MORE to own a crappy digital-file version of the film than it does to own the DVD. The industry has unloaded all of the production and distribution costs onto the consumer, while offering nothing in the way of a price break. If I want to make a back-up, it's my blank disk I have to use. If I want to label that disk it's ink from my printer. And I have to store it in a case that I purchase. Not to mention the cost of the computer, printer and service provider. And presumably we are left without extras like audio commentary, deleted scenes, short documentaries, etc.

Also, if it's a DVD I own, I can loan it out, and I can sell it later on if I no longer want it. Neither of these possibilities are possible thru Itunes. It's no wonder people are stealing content.

I'm prepared to move away from from cumbersome DVDs, and I'm even prepared to pay for downloads. But I'm not prepared to pay the same price as I did for a disk. Maybe half.

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