Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blueberries are also not

Last night at 10pm I stared at a pink sky as the sun set behind the ruins of a castle, while eating huge raspberries* picked from the backyard. It would be easy to assume that the sounds of bagpipes and drums playing in the distance were imaginary but it turns out that the local region rehearses nearby on tuesday nights, just beyond the trees.

This is a photograph found online but it could easily have been taken from the cottage where Ming stays, which is incredibly close to the ruin. His backyard looks onto cows grazing on a hillside, with dozens of wild rabbits hopping around them. Being the larger of the 8 artist residencies, he offered to have the rest of us over for dinner, which was prepared by Jin Feng, who cooked an elaborate feast which took two days to prepare. A really nice night, lessened only by the fact that when I got home I discovered that I didn't have any running water. A pipe burst a few blocks away and anyone not on private water supply was out. Luckily someone from Glendiffich had driven around and delivered bottles to all the homes. I brushed my teeth with water from the kettle.

*I had read earlier in the day that raspberries are not berries, but tomatoes are.

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