Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 22

Today we host a 'media launch' for the Glenfiddich residency, which doubles as a 'preview' for the exhibition, which opens tomorrow. I have enough experience to know that when an artist-run centre hosts a media launch, you count yourself very lucky if anyone shows up, let alone the media. But the combination of the offer of free whiskey and the skills of the PR company mean that we not only get an excellent audience, but we get coverage on Global TV, CBC, the Calgary Herald and the National Post (forthcoming, a travel diary, apparently).

The exhibition is okay, but not great. I can't place exactly what disappoints me about it. I like most of the works individually, and I think that they are well-paired together, in ways that draw out new meanings. Yet somehow I'm still dissatisfied. Maybe it's because two of the three new works (the more ambitious of the three) are underwhelming.

I'm looking forward to the talk tomorrow, though, which I think will be good.

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