Saturday, August 2, 2008

This weekend

A number of writing deadlines are fast approaching (National Post, a text for Kelly Mark's forthcoming - and long overdue - retrospective monograph, etc.) but this weekend is turning out to be the busiest I've had here. Last night was the opening for the first exhibition held at the Glenfiddich onsite gallery, featuring work by Mike, Chenwe, Jin and Martina. It was a nice event, with a decent sized crowd, finger food and excellent mojitos. My friend Derek Sullivan and five other artists from a residency in nearby Lumsden cabbed in to see the show. It was nice to see a familiar face from Toronto. Tonight a number of us are going to take a bus into Elgin to see Andy's band play their first local gig. Then tomorrow night they're hosting a big dinner for us in the dining hall with the CEO of William Grant and Sons, Peter Gordon (great great grandson to founder William Grant).

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