Saturday, August 23, 2008

Balvenie Castle

Originally known as Mortlach, Balvenie Castle was built in the 13th century (or 12th century, according to Wikipedia. I think they mean 1200's) for the Comyn earls of Buchan. The castle changed hands several times, but reportedly never saw battle, and was abandoned after the suicide of its owner William Duff, in 1724. It was unroofed a decade later and fell into ruin. Twelve years ago it was bought by a Coca-Cola executive, though managed by Historic Scotland.

It is five minutes from my cottage, and five seconds from one of the other artist cottages, which is about a hundred feet away.

Here are some pics which include the back of Roula's head in the foreground so that they don't look like generic postcard images, like the one above.

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