Thursday, August 21, 2008

Guerrilla Mix CDs

My friend Matt, inspired by the marketing strategy of Toronto indie band Craft Economy, proposes making mix CDs and stapling them to hydro polls, as a way to share music and avoid prosecution. John McCain recently revealed his technology platform and it includes a statement of intent regarding a crackdown on piracy. Obama (surprisingly, given the Democrats ties to the Entertainment industry) offers only a vague statement about rethinking copyright in the 21st century. But either way, music fans should expect it to get harder to share music online in the future. Plus there's something nice about taking virtual models and finding real-life applications. It reminds me of another friend, Lise, who was once offering a service where she would bring you the song of your choice, via her car stereo. If you had a planned date or 'special moment', for example, and wanted to hear 'your' song, you could pay her a small amount of money (five or ten dollars, I can't recall) and she would show up with the track at a pre-determined location, roll down her window and turn up the stereo.

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