Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kidnapping, cloning, etc.

WFMU are pitching the life of Joyce McKinney as a story idea for a film by the Coen Brothers. If you haven't seen it in the news, McKinney was an Appalachian Mormon soft-core porn model and former Miss Wyoming, who, after failing in her bid to woo one of the Osmonds, got together with Kirk Anderson, a 19 year old Mormon classmate. Wracked with guilt over their (apparently plentiful) pre-marital sex, he left her and became a missionary. She hired a private detective, tracked him down to London, and kidnapped him. He was held in a cottage for three days and chained to a bed, where he was repeatedly sexually assaulted. During the sensational trial she had this to offer: "I loved Kirk so much that I would have skied down Mount Everest in the nude with a carnation up my nose."

At the time a woman couldn't be charged with raping a man (her counsel apparently quipped "me thinks the mormon doth protest too much"- yeesh), but McKinney faced kidnapping and other charges. She jumped bail and fled to Canada in 1978 and was sentenced in absentia to one year in prison, but was never heard from again. Until this week.

A "Bernann" McKinney made headlines a few days ago for becoming the first commercial dog cloning customer. A laboratory in South Korea charged her fifty thousand dollars to create five puppies cloned from the ear of her recently deceased pit-bull Booger. The company, RNL Bio, reportedly offered a reduced rate if she assisted them with publicity. Little did they know.

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