Friday, December 5, 2008

A Drink To Us (When We're Both Dead) - brief update

Today I met with a bookbinding company who will manufacture the final packaging for the edition, a beautiful debossed linen box. Micah Lexier suggested them, as they worked on his recent excellent collaboration with Christian Bok. They also produced the deluxe edition of the AA Bronson Power Plant catalogue a few years ago (the one with the actual concave mirror on the cover). We chose a colour called Iris Coffee, which is actually a rich grey. The box will have a hinged lid with a pouch to house the contract, warehouse map, postcard and "100 Year Diary". The latter is a vinyl covered booklet which includes production notes, blog entries, the newspaper diaries, etc. etc. They arrived from the printer last week.

A temporary website for the project is now housed at

Also, the first bottle sold last month, at a fund-raising auction in Calgary. Below is a brief piece that Global Television ran.

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