Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bailout Reminder (tomorrow night)

While I'm reluctant to encourage competition (as this is the first time I've been able to stand in line and buy), Mercer Union's annual member show/sale is tomorrow night at 8. Here are the full details:

Mercer Union Members' Sale & Exhibition 2008

December 09, 2008 - December 18, 2008

Closing party & Sale: Thursday December 18, 2008
Hosted by Misha Glouberman

When there’s blood in the streets buy…art. Mercer Union does its part with a stimulus package to put the US bailout to shame. With drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures and multiples all priced at $149.99, the artworks in the 2008 Annual Mercer Member’s Exhibition and Sale will sell faster than you can say “Emergency Economic Stabilization.” No layaway plans…the art will be flying right off our walls!

Works for sale by John Abrams, Jackson Abrams, Sonja Ahlers, Melissa Bebee, Katie Bethune-Leamen, Stephanie Cormier, Tanya Cunnington, Taku Dazai, Mark Dudiak, Dave Dyment, Joan Dymianiw, Fastw├╝rms, Harrell Fletcher, Brenda Goldstein, Katharine Harvey, Robert Hengeveld, Kristan Horton, Jen Hutton, Draga Jovanovic, Rita Kamacho, Suzy Lake, Micah Lexier, Arnaud Maggs, Sarah Massecar, Beth McEachen, Suzanne Nacha, Heather Nicol, Roula Partheniou, Tanya Read, Kerri Reid, Brian Rideout, Rupen, Kathryn Ruppert-Dazai, Gwen MacGregor & Sandra Rechico, Jon Sasaki, Chris Shepherd, Lisa Smolkin, Derek Sullivan, Ainslinn Thomas, Christy Thompson, Hannah Wachs, Christopher Walsh, Margaux Williamson, Laurel Woodcock.

View the wares between 9-18 December 2008 during regular gallery hours (Tuesday to Saturday 11AM-6PM).

Buy the art at the Closing Party on Thursday 18 December. Sale begins promptly at 8PM.

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